Incubator Technopolis Thessalonikis is an integral part of the Park, with its primary objective been to provide the necessary infrastructure, support services and financial support in selected, innovative companies to ensure their success and viability in the marketplace. Mission of the Incubator is to identifying innovative business ideas and to support their commercialization efficiently for the benefit of the shareholders of the company. Thematically, the Incubator is focused in the field of information technologies and Communications as well as in relevant fields and is directly linked to the Park, building on existing networks and partnerships. The Incubator offers the ground for the development and implementation of business ideas and technologies-which connects with the Park, while start-up companies enjoy the advantages of their establishments in a dynamic working environment. The main objectives of the Incubator are: • To support start-up companies from the beginning up to their full development • Be a trusted partner and mentor to companies located in the incubator • To give the vision to scientists to convert research ideas and research results into sustainable business ventures, therefor helping to bridge the gap between the academic and business community • To support innovation and production of innovative knowledge and know-how • To actively contribute in National and International networks and programs