Installation Procedure - application

Besides the integrated package of services that the incubator offers, companies that will come into Technopolis Incubator will enjoy all the privileges associated with the contact and relationship with Technopolis, one of the main drivers for innovation in the region. The presence of leading IT companies and research centers and the immediate vicinity of the Association of Information Technology Companies of Northern Greece (S.E.P.V.E.) offers an environment rich in opportunities for networking and collaboration. The city of Thessaloniki with its unique geopolitical position at the threshold of the Balkans provides direct access to an extensive, multi-ethnic market.


The Technopolis Incubator applies the following quality criteria for the selection of candidate companies:


• Quality, originality and viability of the business idea

• Innovation in the underlying technology

• Quality and experience of the management team

• Industrial sector in which the company is activated

• Feasibility and functionality of the concept

• Comparative company's position in relation to the market and the competition


In order for a company to relocate into the incubator it should fill an application including a brief business plan. After evaluation and approval of the application the new company can be installed into the incubator.


The established businesses are obliged to observe the Rules of Operation of the Incubator, which regulates all aspects of the operation of the incubator.