Company name VILABS
Address VEPE TECHNOPOLIS-Building C2
Phone +30 2310 365 185
Fax +30 2310 365 186
ViLabs is a start-up company that is active in Research and Development of new ICT Technologies. provides the means (knowledge and facilities) for entrepreneurs and inventors to innovate. ViLabs acts both as a private research laboratory, as also an early stage venture capital fund raiser. ViLabs employs high-skilled and experienced personnel as also young motivated researchers blended with an extensive network of external experts. ViLabs is a pole of innovation, driven by the overwhelming need of innovation system for sharing ideas and mobilizes and facilitates young researchers and entrepreneurs to develop new technologies and software services. Our vision is to activate and foster entrepreneurial thinking and bridge the gap between an idea conception to a product and service business deployment and fund raising.