Building - Infrastructure

The Business Incubator is located and operates in a modern building within the Technopolis Thessaloniki ICT Business Park with a total space of 1300 sq. m. including offices, common facilities and infrastructure for hosting 14 enterprises.

The design of the building is based on the principles of modern architectural trends, with comfortable rooms and facilities, including 4 meeting rooms and a Hall which can accommodate 100 persons with corresponding equipment.

The Incubator, depending on the needs of each individual company and depending on the stage of their development, can provide a range of specialized services for their support. These services include but are not limited to:

• Office space of various size
• Use of meeting rooms and Halls for professional meetings and events
• General Services (reception, telephone, photocopier, projector of multimedia, interactive whiteboard, TVs, broadband Internet connection)
• Business support services (training of young entrepreneurs, developing professional skills etc.)
• Education and transfer of knowledge and experience (mentoring)
• Specialized services (preparing a business plan, strategic marketing)
• Financial support
• Opportunities for domestic and international networking